The first three months

Conservation work in Indonesia
    New beginning in Borneo
    From Java to Borneo 
    Reforestation season 
    Camera traps & forest islands
    How to start an ant lab in the rural tropics
    Urban reforestation
    Invasive acacias can benefit Bornean ants
In the beginning, the Marine Corps
    Part I. Becoming a Marine
    Road to war
    Hickeys are a bad idea
    Naked collision
    Lessons in drowning
    Media blackout
    It’s a trap!
    An offer you can’t refuse
    Into the field
    The final test
    The end of art
    Free at last…

    Part II. Combat training

    First grenades of autumn
    Ghost stories 
    I'm up, they see me, I'm down  
    Heading west
    Part III. Language school
    Arabic it is
    The prophet of San Jose

    Part IV. Iraq

    My first fiction writing

Around the world in 2011
    Around the world in 2011

    Part I. Australia

    Escape from Melbourne
    Dancing with Cyclone Yasi
    The Great Dividing Range
    On the hunt with the lace monitor
    Sydney, meh…
    Adventures in the Blue Mountains
    Birthday shenanigans
    Fun in South Queensland
    The Tropics at last
    Monsoons and Marines…well, really just one of each
    Megapode in action
    Thanks for the money, Ohio
    Trapped by the wet
    Mound viewing (the Top End, part 1 of 2)
    The road to Kakadu (the top End, part 2 of 2)
    Farewell, Australia

    Part II. Indonesia

    Java Man
    A long awaited decision
    Dayak boat tours
    Orangutan camp
    Malay boat tours (as distinct from Dayak boat tours)
    With Oregonians in Sulawesi
    Primates and spice
    Mountaintop rescue
    Lekking around Halmahera
    Sumatran grossout
    Frustrations with foreigners
    Durant, the devil and dragons
    How Durant tried to kill me
    Leaving home

    Part III. Thailand

    Melbourne strikes again
    Two fruits in Bangkok

    Part IV. Egypt

    Egyptian relicts

    Part V. USA

    Trip end

Grad school in Oklahoma
    General exams
    Moore, Oklahoma
    An Oklahoma discovery

Flying ants
    My first paper
    Wing photography
    Ants in flight
    Virtual fire ants 
    What do we know about flying ants?
    Arrest on the Nile
    Kidepo Valley
    Murchison Falls  

    Intro to Madagascar
    New guy
    Time travel
    Zen and tandem running
    Camp life
    It’s always about size with chameleons…
    The squishy things in life
    Far over the misty mountains cold
    Tossing the pigskin
    Land navigation
    Nosy Faly
    Back to Tana
    Bienvenue à Tsimanampetsotsa
    I got herps in Madagascar
    Sick at last
    Cliff dwellers and Hero ants

    Land o’ the pines
    A tale of two venoms
    Fungus on the Fourth
    Death rattle
    Dining room flight
    Thanks, Apalachicola
    Fire ant flight

    Leaving for Guyana
    Rupununi arrival
    To Kusad
    Kusad’s forest floor
    Into the tall grass
    Fish songs and spiny rat meat
    Hilltop farm
    On stings
    Racing the flood
    On the banks of the Katu Wa’o
    So long, Kusad
    Rupununi’s edge
    Bush island
    The Dyurizu Wa’o
    Afternoon with the Waiwai
    Savanna wandering
    Of rattlesnakes and tents
    Goodbye, Guyana
    Rupununi ants

Purple Martins

    Purple Martins…and ants?
    Crossed storylines
    Frenzy in the sky
    Aerial pest control
    Do fire ants benefit native birds?
    Mercury contamination in fire ants     

    Return to the Canal
    Goodbye, Panama


    Rediscovering Elyria

Australia, part II

    Return to Cairns
    Misery tax
    Jurassic Car sinks again
    Humans of the Cape York
    Where rainforest meets reef
    Why did it have to be leeches?
    Volcanoes and bull ants
    World’s edge

Guiana Shield Ants
    Smithsonian for the summer
    Learning to photograph
    Guiana Shield discoveries
    A grassland surprise
    The Rupununi revisited

India honeymoon
    An Indian welcome
    Alone at last
    India by rail 
    Monsoon honeymoon 
    The Western Ghats 
    Leaving India
    Darjeeling fog 

Veterans in science
    Where are the veterans in science?
    Robert Tucker Abbott
    Louis de Broglie
    Frank Fenner
    Alexander Friedmann
    J.B.S. Haldane
    Gerd Heinrich
    Willi Hennig
    Ludwik Hirszfeld
    Edwin Hubble
    Julian Huxley   
    Thomas H. Huxley
    Walter Kohn
    Georges Lemaître
    Anderson G. McKendrick
    Roger Tory Peterson 
    Julius Richard Petri
    Albert Sabin
    Erwin Schrödinger
    Eugene Sledge
    George Miksch Sutton
    J. Craig Venter
    Amotz Zahavi  

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