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Jackson A. Helms IV
W.K. Kellogg Biological Station
Michigan State University
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Research Articles

Helms JA, IV, SE Ijelu, NM Haddad (2019) Range expansion in an introduced social parasite-host species pair. Biological Invasions [PDF]

Fawzi NI, VN Husna & JA Helms (2018) Measuring deforestation using remote sensing and its implication for conservation in Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 149:012038. [PDF]

Helms JA, IV CR Woerner, NI Fawzi, A MacDonald, Juliansyah, E Pohnan, & K Webb (2018) Rapid Response of Bird Communities to Small-Scale Reforestation in Indonesian Borneo. Tropical Conservation Science 11:1-8. [PDF]

Helms JA, IV (2018) The flight ecology of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Myrmecological News 26:19-30. [PDF]
Helms JA, IV, SM Helms, NI Fawzi, Tarjudin & F Xaverius (2017) Ant community of an Acacia mangium forest in Indonesian Borneo. Serangga 22:147-159. [PDF]

Helms JA, IV & B Tweedy (2017) Invasive fire ants contain high levels of mercury. Insectes Sociaux 64:169-171. [PDF]

Helms JA, IV & ES Bridge (2017) Range expansion drives the evolution of alternate reproductive strategies in invasive fire ants. Neobiota 33:67-82. [PDF, Model Design]

Helms JA, IV, A Godfrey, T Ames & ES Bridge (2016) Predator foraging altitudes reveal the structure of aerial insect communities. Scientific Reports 6:286470. [PDF]

Helms JA, IV, A Godfrey, T Ames & ES Bridge (2016) Are invasive fire ants kept in check by native aerial insectivores? Biology Letters 12:20160059. [PDF]
Helms JA, IV (2016) Ants in Flight: Reproduction, Dispersal and Predation in Ant Queens. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Oklahoma. [PDF]
Helms JA, IV & A Godfrey (2016) Dispersal Polymorphisms in Invasive Fire Ants. PLOS ONE 11:e0153955. [PDF]

Roeder KA,  DV Roeder, JD Kouri & JA Helms IV (2015) A New Latitudinal Record for the Ant Genus Leptogenys (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in North America. Southwestern Entomologist 40:653-656. [PDF]

Helms JA, IV & M Kaspari (2015) Reproduction-dispersal tradeoffs in ant queens. Insectes Sociaux 62:171-181. [PDF]

Helms JA, IV, C Peeters & BL Fisher (2014) Funnels, gas exchange and cliff jumping: natural history of the cliff dwelling ant Malagidris sofina. Insectes Sociaux 61:357-365. [PDF]

Helms JA & M Kaspari (2014) Found or Fly: nutrient loading of dispersing ant queens decreases metrics of flight ability (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Myrmecological News 19:85-91. [PDF]

Biodiversity Surveys

Helms J, A Alonso & S Isaacs (2017) Ants of the South Rupununi Savannah, Guyana. BAT Survey Report No. 1:135-147. [PDF]

Helms J, A Alonso & S Isaacs (2014) Ants. South Rupununi Biodiversity Assessment Team (BAT) Expedition Preliminary Report, pp. 20-23. WWF-Guianas Biodiversity Publications. [PDF]

Alonso LE & JA Helms (2013) A rapid assessment of the ants of the Grensgebergte and Kasikasima regions of Southeastern Suriname. RAP Bulletin of Biological Assessment 67:109-118. [PDF]

Magazine Articles

Helms JA, IV, A Godfrey, T Ames & ES Bridge (2017) Dining with Purple Martins: What's on the menu for North America's most popular insect hunter? Purple Martin Update 26:22-25. [PDF]

Helms J (2017) Ants abound in South Rupununi: Diverse and interesting ant species found during expedition. Guyana Sunday Times Magazine 15 January 2017:3 [PDF]

Helms JA, IV, A Godfrey, T Ames & ES Bridge (2015) Fire Ant Exterminators: Purple Martins and aerial pest control. Purple Martin Update 24:24-27. [PDF]


Helms JA (2018) The Ancestor's Song. Silver Blade 38. [Link, PDF] 

Helms JA (2015) A Hedgehog in Bloom. Origins 1(2):53-64. [Link, PDF]

Outside Blog Posts
Helms JA (2018) at Rapid Ecology. Gratitude in biology: thanking organisms & communities that enable discovery.

Helms J (2017) at Health in Harmony. (1) From Oklahoma to Borneo (with Sara Helms), (2) The Problem: Deforestation in Borneo, (3) The Solution: How to Stop Deforestation in Borneo, (4) Your Impact: Measuring the Results.

Helms JA, IV (2015) at Insectes Sociaux. Ants in flight.

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